🚜Yield Farming Golden WSPP

Golen WSPP Yield Farming based from -LP PancakeSwap v2 , GWSPP is not create AMM (Automated Market Maker) Decentralized Exchange but all based from PancakeSwap v2.


The Yield Farming GWSPP all LP based on PancakeSwap v2, the MasterChef smart contracts are the same as PancakeSwap v2 (we only changed "Cake" to "GWSPP" in these two contracts). It means that the contracts where store liquidity (your money) are as safe as PancakeSwap v2. it's just that the difference between tokenomic Cake and GWSPP is very far where GWSPP Tokens cannot increase the amount of supply

You can use the links below to compare the smart contracts of GWSPP MasterChef and Cake MasterChef. https://www.diffchecker.com/cNMubpTF

How Can GWSPP Holders Benefit

The logic is simple. We will allocate some trading fees to buy back GWSPP tokens and burned. This can help us stabilize the price of the GWSPP token.

Besides, 5% of the total supply GWSPP will be allocated to Farm's, which means that GWSPP token can be can be harvested with LP - Token already registered in our Yeild Farming.

How Can WSPP Holders Benefit

  1. LP WSPP - BNB can be staked to earn GWSPP.

  2. WSPP will cover almost all use cases of GWSPP in near future.

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