Road Map

As you can see, we try to provide an ETA for each task. But development or coding is not easy, We will try our best to release every feature or product in time. Please also be aware of possible delays. Thank you very much!


  • Project Launch
  • Audits (In progress)
  • Apply for Listings on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, DappRadar, BscScan, etc. ( In Progress)
  • Wolf Pool's (Stake GWSPP to get all rare Tokens)
  • Twitter Contests
  • Partnerships

AMM Based PancakeSwap v2

  • AMM Decentralized Exchange based PancakeSwap v2
  • Spirit Wolf Pool's LP based PancakeSwap v2
  • Disable All Cake-LP Farms
  • Add GWSPP-LP Farms
  • Add WSPP - LP Farms
  • IPO (Initial Partner Offering) (in Progress)

Other Products

  • AMM API Endpoint
  • Free Token & Liquidity Locking
  • AMM Analytics
  • Voting
  • Margin Trading (Trade BSC tokens with leverage on-chain)
  • Fixed-Rate Swap
  • Binary Options
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