Yield Farming and Spirit Wolf Pool's Launch🚀

Golden WSPP yield farming and spirit wolf pool'si s the best project at the moment because of its security based on PancakeSwap v2.


  • Smart contracts of Golden WSPP Yield Farming and Pool's already been deployed on BSC. (Check the contracts here)
  • The new platform Yiend Farming interface will be deployed at June 15th, 06:00 AM UTC.
  • New - LP farms will be added one by one starting from June 15th, 6:30 AM UTC.
  • No deposit fee for all -LP farms.
  • The multiplier of GWSPP-LP farms will be reduced to 1/10.
What do I need to do?
If you want to keep staking in farms, you need create GWSPP-LP tokens on PancakeSwap v2 before June 15th, 6:30 AM UTC.
Do I need to do anything with Spirit Wolf Pool's?
No, Pools won’t be affected. You can still keep earning from the same Pools as usual.

Create LP GWSPP on PancakeSwap v2

1. Move GWSPP-LP Tokens to Wallet

Create a GWSPP-LP and add it to your wallet automatically in PancakeSwap v2. All GWSPP-LP farms will be added gradually one by one. You can wait until all new GWSPP-LP farms are added.
​Go to Farms​
2. Add Liquidity to PancakeSwap v2
Add your liquidity to PancakeSwap v2 and receive GWSPP-LP tokens. a. GWSPP - BNB b. GWSPP - BUSD
​Add Liquidity​
3. Stake your GWSPP-LP in New Farms
Once your receive your GWSPP-LP, you can stake them in our new farms with zero deposit fee.
​Stake 4. Join Spirit Wolf Pool's in New Pool's When you have GWSPP or WSPP tokens you get a chance to join our Pool's. it's very easy to start, just activate your WSPP and GWSPP then you will get another token. Spirit Wolf Pool's​